Disadvantages of Homework

A good number of students don’t like being loaded with tasks to carry at home. Studies also depict that reinforcing learners to do homework that’s beyond their level is likely to bring about stress and pressure. Due to this stress and strain, students fail to come out successfully in what they have been undertaking. The need for tutors who understand their students’ capabilities is vital as the tutors can identify manageable tasks. These tasks are then assigned to students accordingly.

Various organizations have now put in place various measures to ensure that homework is assigned correctly and accordingly. The organizations, which include the National PTA and the National Education Association, have set different limits for various homework workloads. A given age bracket is restricted to doing a maximum of tasks as a home assignment. For instance, according to NEA and NPTA, a duration of 10 minutes is standard in doing homework at any given level. But there are many disadvantages experienced by learners, and especially young kids, when doing homework that is far much beyond their level. The learners also find difficulties when doing more home assignments, which seems to be a heavy workload on them.

When lower grade students are assigned tasks to do from home, some find the tasks far much beyond their capabilities. Tutors also assign a huge workload that instills pressure in the learner who aims to accomplish all assignments on time and tackle other activities in free time. Through assignments, many learners have developed a wrong attitude towards learning and schooling. All these come as a result of pressure exerted upon students. Homework tasks that seem a burden to a student is a fact that is undebatable, especially in the current generation of learners. In most institutions, even kindergarteners are assigned tasks to carry home. But this is opposed to the requirements of organizations like NEA and NPT.

Tutors, teachers, and instructors should always keep in mind that homework should not be beyond the capabilities of a learner. Homework that’s unmanageable will stress students as well as parents. Due to this, there is always a likelihood of uneducated parents engaging in conflicts with their children. This can explain why most students term homework as “bad.”

Homework is a heavy burden for students at the high school level. The students at this level are assigned lots of tasks to undertake. Most of these tasks require intensive and broad research as they are beyond the student’s level of understanding. Research has it that students who spend a lot of time doing homework are likely to experience sleepless nights, general body exhaustion, and weight loss, among other health issues.

Apart from schoolwork, students also need to pursue other activities that are essential to their well-being. Students must explore skills outside of homework and read do my homework 123 reviews to choose the best help service and ease the homework burden. But with assignments that cannot be accomplished on time, students may fail to catch up with their own free time of exploring different skills. It can, therefore, be considered valid that homework deprives students of enough time for exploring skills outside schoolwork. In most cases, tough homework extends into a student’s free time.


Homework should be assigned to students considerably. Tutors should not let learners develop a wrong attitude towards homework simply because of misunderstanding student’s capabilities.

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