Critical reading is important for college learners, and it always requires your full attention. You will be required to do various analyses ranging from persuasive essays and literature to political issues. To write a quality essay and take part in a more complex discussion, you need to do more critical reading exercises and have critical reading strategies in place.

The following are critical reading exercises and critical reading strategies that you need to put in place for you to succeed at the college level:

  • Do a preview of the material you are about to read

When you plan to do critical reading exercises, you should quickly scan the materials you want to read.

These critical reading strategies will help you digest the new information at hand to get the general thought of your expectation in the material. Critical reading exercises for college students are important because they will help you pay attention to the various headings and subheadings of the material you are previewing.

  • Assess the argument well

When you are done with the critical reading exercises, ensure you question and summarize what the writer is trying to say. Critical reading is important because you will have an opportunity to evaluate what the writer is trying to opine and give the main arguments that the writer is trying to put across. This critical reading strategy lets you know whether the writer has successfully backed up all the claims with appropriate rational facts and statistics. You will also be able to know whether the writer is biased or not. It is your responsibility when you are doing critical reading exercises for college students to decide and make a conclusion on whether the writer has successfully conveyed the intended message to the audience or not.

  • Pose questions

This is one of the critical reading strategies that will help you reinforce the information you have learned and phrase it into a question form. Critical reading exercises will make you anticipate the most probable questions during the actual exams. You should come up with multiple and answer sets for each question of the material you have critically read. Critical reading exercises for college students reinforce the information by increasing comprehension by forcing you to think about the material from a new viewpoint.

  • Do a proper summary of the information

Critical reading exercises for college students should equip you to know that your responsibility does not end there after doing critical reading exercises. You need to absorb the piece properly. This critical reading strategy enables you to grasp and handle the main argument of the author.

To achieve this, you must properly summarize the author’s main arguments using your own words. When doing this, you should not refer to the material but write the points as they come from your memory. If this is not the case, you will have to do a critical reading exercise on sections for the second time, paying greater attention to any words you have not understood fully and checking their meanings on a dictionary.


Critical reading exercises for college students are vital things that college students should utilize. With these various critical reading strategies, you will be able to prepare well for your exams by coming up with questions that are likely to come in exams and giving them answers. Critical reading exercises are an important aspect, and trying this will yield more success at the college level.

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