Note-taking is a skill that involves taking notes while listening to a certain lecture or speech. Having good note taking tips and tricks can help you pass with flying colors at your college level, especially if you are well equipped with note taking tips for high school. You will be able to take the test and answer them well.

The following are some of the good note-taking tips:

  • Take key facts and write them down

A good note-taking tip for high school is when you write down important points in class. Good note taking tips and tricks involve writing down all the examples that teacher says, for example, math formulas and so on.

It may take time for a student to learn to write main taught but keep on trying. Some teachers may say many dates and facts in class, but you should only write what you think is important to you. Other teachers might not say but write down on board. So the best way is to just pick the important ideas, and as time goes by, you will know the teacher’s style.

  • Just write simple notes

Writing simple notes is one of the easy note taking tips. You should not overdo it. Do not try to write down everything in class. It is because too much focus on getting notes might make you miss listening to the teacher’s important point. Many people learn by listening and writing down a few points to read more about it when they have more time.

  • Contrast

Ensure that you had your notes when you were doing and reading for your assignments. With these easy note-taking tips, you will compare what you wrote and what the readings say. Therefore, you can also add notes while you are reading.

Going over your friend’s notes will help you fill the gaps perhaps you left because you missed out on something in class. Also, it will help you, a friend, correct errors that he/she might have made.

  • Ask for clarification

Good note-taking tips and trick is asking the teacher to repeat something that you have not grasped well. Also, if the teacher is teaching faster, there are many chances that your classmates will be relieved because they will get a chance to listen to what they may not have grasped. Therefore, don’t shy away from asking questions and clarifications every time you feel like you’ve missed something. Also, if you do not want to ask in class, you can see the teacher after class because it is always easier to have noted other than struggling to remember later.

  • Copy notes

When you feel like you scribbled notes when you were in a hurry or when the teacher was teaching faster, it is important to look for the full notes and copy them. You can borrow a friend and do not photocopy the notes. This is one of the important good note-taking tips because if you copy, you will remember well, and it helps you learn what you wrote.


Good note-taking tips for high school are important skills that will help you learn and study well for your exams. It is a great booster of your confidence because you can remember them when you take good notes. Practice it!

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