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The new cabins!

One of the tents before too much wear and tear.

The original safari tents

Where we’ve been

As many of you know, KBC previously housed all of our staff and students in simple safari tents. These tents were designed to last for 2 years and we used them for 8 years! KBC was blessed that the life of these tents lasted so long!

As the tents became worn and weathered, it became very evident that we needed to update our housing situation. Kauai Bible College is still committed to simple living so we wanted to keep our housing very basic.

In the summer of 2015, KBC began building small cabins to replace the safari tents. With the help of generous donations from members of Crossroads Christian Fellowship, KBC parents, and alumni six cabins were completed in girls camp and 5 cabins were completed in guys camp.


Where we are going

Housing project

The two unfinished cabins

Our goal is to finish this project by February 2017.
Right now we have 2 unfinished cabins and finishing touches to complete in all of the cabins.

Currently we are looking for donated materials, labor, and monetary donations. If you live on Kauai join us for a KBC work day, November 26, 2016 @ 8:00 am. For more information email Josh Cucjen: 


Check out our current progress (updated 11/23/16)

  • Donated Funds: 

    • Gil Scott $1000
    • Bob Hallman $1000
    • Johnny Yoon $500
    • Anonymous $145
    • Anonymous $500
    • Anonymous $1000
    • Anonymous $250
    • Anonymous $50
    • Ali Jank $50
    • Jan Brink $75
  • Kalid Gomez $50

Would you like to make a monetary donation? Donate here!

Materials Donated:

  • Metal for cabin siding (approx $3000)
  • Paint for girls camp (approx $500)

Would you like to donate materials? Email Josh Cucjen:!








  • Needed Items

    • Interior plywood for 3 cabins (ca. 1000 sq ft per cabin)
    • Exterior metal/wood siding for 4 cabins
    • Insulation for 3 cabins (ca. 820 sq ft per cabin)
    • Light fixtures, outlets, & switches – 3 cabins
    • Interior paint for 3 cabins
    • Exterior paint  for 12 cabins
    • 4 Exterior doors
    • 4 Windows
    • Framing lumber for l cabin
  • Labor Needs

    • Construction
      • Painting, framing, siding installation, electrical, etc
    • Solar
      • Knowledgeable electrician to diagnose problems

For more information on specific needs for building materials email Josh Cucjen: