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“Want to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans” by Julie Sarmiento

What’s not to love about Kauai?! Ok, I can think of a few things, like cane spiders! BUT it pretty much is a little piece of utopia. For those I have not had the privilege to meet yet, I’m Julie, a noob to KBC Like a good Southern California native with zero to little experience in camping, but a heart for adventure, I packed my bags in January, said good-bye to my family, and took off for...
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Greetings From Spring 2014!

Greetings and salutations from the Spring 2014 semester! We are already underway over here for the Spring semester. Classes started up again this past Monday, the staff/teachers are in discipleship mode, the students are soaking up all the new info, and the campus is looking as pristine as ever! Christmas break was great. It was a very refreshing experience. We were all able to visit a lot of...
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New Parents Page is up!

We just finished our new parents page. For those of you who have a child coming or getting prepared to come to KBC, feel free to check it out as there is a lot of valuable information that you need to know. It will be added to as time goes on. If you feel there are more topics that need to be addressed, please email us at:! Thanks! retin a breakout initial Buy Without...
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Our Updated Faculty Page!

We have just updated our faculty page with new video interviews from each of our on campus staff members! The videos are meant to inform those of you who have never met us before and give you a little insight into our heart’s desire for the students and interns that come through KBC. We also share a little bit about our lives and hobbies.  If you havent already seen them, check them...
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2011 Summer Internship

As we are approaching the middle of the semester, it has come time for KBC to start planning for this summer’s activities. For one, we are excited to be helping Steve and Marilyn Jones host CCK’s annual Camp Mauka at the beginning of June. In order to be able to assist them we are looking for summer interns who are interested in furthering their walk with the Lord and participating in...
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Internship Opportunities

We have put up the 2008 intern info. We have a number of positions that are available for the upcoming year. Some of the positions include: assistant to the dean of women, office assistants, computer/tech assistants, and many more. If you are interested you can look in the main menu for internships. betapace af bayer hcl Youtube sony tv serials adalat usa diovan weight loss online kamagra...
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