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The dining hall and kitchen are also quite rustic. Both are open-air style facilities that make the Kauai Bible College experience all the more memorable!

Kauai Bible College currently serves 18 meals a week which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday – Friday.  On the weekends we serve breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and dinner on Sunday. Students are also allowed to store food in plastic containers in their rooms.

Kauai Bible College has succeeded in helping with special food allergies in the past and would like to accommodate you if you have any special food allergies. If you have a particular concern regarding allergies or the meal plans please email

Please note that meals are not provided until the Wednesday evening before orientation.  Additionally, meals are not provided during spring break and thanksgiving break.


There are 3 meal plans that you can choose from at KBC. The first is “No Dietary Restrictions” meal plan. In this plan the menu includes food with gluten, meat, and dairy ingredients. To see the menu for the next semester go to the “No Dietary Restrictions Menu”. The second plan offered is “Gluten Free” meal plan. This plan includes gluten free food, meat and dairy ingredients. To see the gluten free menu for the next semester go to the “Gluten Free Menu”. The third meal plan offered is “Vegetarian” meal plan. This plan includes food with gluten, non-meat food, and fruits and vegetables. To see the vegetarian menu for the next semester go to “Vegetarian Menu”.
Unfortunately at KBC we cannot accommodate more than one dietary restriction because of the resources at KBC. Therefore, if you have more than one dietary restriction and you would like to attend KBC we ask that you pick a meal plan and stick to that meal plan for the duration of that semester. Meal plans are finalized by the first day of class. If you do have more than one dietary restriction (vegetarian and gluten free for example) extra food that is both gluten free and vegetarian food will not be provided for you (e.g., gluten free and vegetarian chicken nuggets). KBC is also limited in the food provided for vegetarians and gluten free meal plans. To see the food provided follow the links above to the corresponding menu.
KBC offers a semi-flexible menu. The first week at KBC the Kitchen Administrator will hand out a menu evaluation sheet. Each student will be allowed to rate each meal and give feedback on the meal. The Kitchen Administrator will then pick new meals based on those evaluations. The Kitchen Administrator is not obligated to change the menu but offers this to help please the general student body. There is no guarantee a meal will be changed. After this change the menu will not be changed at any other time in the semester. This is due to the way PCS Kitchen is set up. The students will be taking PCS Kitchen as a class and will be cooking the meals assigned to them. The Kitchen Administrator is not the cook but the teacher of the class. He/she will be present at every meal for the first 2-3 weeks of the semester teaching the students how to cook their meals. After those 2-3 weeks he/she will show up before and after each meal for an additional 2-3 weeks. After those 4-6 weeks the students are expected to be able to cook the meal on their own with little help from the Kitchen Administrator. The Kitchen Administrator’s role changes to overseer and manager of the students during their shifts. He/she will be available for questions or if there is a problem with the food, kitchen, or students. At this time the students are responsible for cooking, cleaning, and following the rules of the kitchen

PCS Kitchen Orientation
PCS Kitchen Responsibilities:
Practical Christian Servanthood in the kitchen has different responsibilities than other PCS shifts. The primary responsibilities are cooking the food as instructed, preparing the food on time, and preparing the amount of food as instructed. Other responsibilities include punctuality, having a good attitude, cooking the food the Kitchen Administrator buys for your shift, maintaining sanitization while in the kitchen, food preparation and clean up, and putting into practice the skills taught to you by the Kitchen Administrator.

PCS Kitchen Hours:
A PCS shift runs between 1-2 hours. The PCS Coordinator will assign you the shifts you will be serving. Each shift includes cleaning before a meal, cooking, setting up the buffet, and clean-up after the meal. PCS cooks have a 15 minute break to eat between cooking and clean-up. Kitchen shifts can be switched temporarily or permanently as long as the Kitchen Administrator is asked 24 hours prior to the shift change and gives approval, the PCS Coordinator is asked 24 hours prior to the shift change and gives approval, the shift is equal in time, and every person involved knows the responsibilities of switching shifts. Switching shifts is not guaranteed and relies upon the Kitchen Administrator and PCS coordinator.
Kitchen Rules:
-No one is allowed to open the fridge at any time except during your current PCS shift.
-No one is allowed to store any food or drink in the fridge at any time. The Kitchen Administrator will occasionally buy drinks for PCS service-crews that can be placed in the fridge to cool. However, only the PCS Coordinator is allowed to place the drinks in the fridge and take them out.
-No cooking utensils, pots, pans, tupperware containers, scissors, or knives are to be taken from the kitchen at any time except by the Kitchen Administrators instruction (e.g., during an event upstairs or off campus).
-No food or drink is to be taken from any KBC fridge or the kitchen storage container. No food is to be taken from any CCF fridge or storage container.
-Be punctual and on time for your shift, otherwise points will be taken.
-The kitchen is a dangerous place especially because of the setup at KBC. The stove at KBC is a gas stove; therefore, there is an open flame while cooking. No horseplay will be tolerated in the kitchen. All students will practice safe handling of knives, hot food, hot pans, and open flames.
-If your hair can be pulled into a ponytail it needs to be in a ponytail at all times while in the kitchen. 
-Hands must be washed with antibacterial soap every time you enter the kitchen, after you finished handling one type of food to switch to another, and after handling any raw meat or anything that came into contact with raw meat. Wash your hands after you put your hair up. If you forget to wash after returning to work wash your hands as soon as you remember.
-Gloves must be worn while handling anything that will not be cooked. Hands must be washed before gloves are put on.

If a student fails to follow any of the rules there will first be a verbal warning, assuming there was a misunderstanding, the second time there will be a write up, and the third time there will be a write up and a meeting with the deans to see if that student needs to be sent home.

Chemicals Used in the Kitchen:

The chemicals used in the KBC Kitchen are as follows:

“Simple Green” used to sanitize all surfaces before and after meals.

“Dish soap” used to clean any kitchen supplies.

“Sanitizer” used for dishes that have already been washed with dish soap.

If you have any questions about the KBC kitchen call us at 619-796-4522 and ask to talk to the Kitchen Administrator.

*Disclaimer. There will be no compensation for the service done here at KBC. All hours put into serving at KBC are for credit for the Practical Christian Servanthood Class practicum and will not include monetary gain.